Inspired by Tinder – Daz Rinko’s Jumpy Record “Swipe Right”

Daz Rinko‘s 2017 project Black Boy Joy is centered around love above all things. While it jumps from love for oneself, one’s community, and love reciprocated, his new single “Swipe Right” focuses on finding love through an app. Inspired by the dating platform Tinder, Daz Rinko sustains his jumpy self on the record and urges women who find him on the app to swipe right for his benefit.

In recent years, Daz released singles like “Following Love” which explains his lack of interest in being in a relationship. However, it seems like Rinko is ready to get back into the game while maintaining his focus on music. He’ll be double dipping to my assumption.

Though his 2018 single isn’t guaranteeing a new project, it’s refreshing to see Daz work and keeping us updated with his personal life.

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