Daz Rinko Regrets ‘Following Love’ as Portrayed in his New Single

Break-ups are the absolute worst. You think you’ve found the one, you spend all your time with them, you pick up the same traits and you think all is right in the world. Over time, you realize you start spreading apart, fighting, and eventually realize you just can’t keep following love.

Story | Shealene Sakacs

Image | via Earmilk

Thankfully, we have artists like Daz Rinko who lyrically channels heartache so that listeners can bump his music on a late night drive or while sitting in our rooms crying and eating a gallon of ice cream. The Memphis born and raised rapper is known for creating tracks with lots of funk and upbeat vibes. Interesting enough, the sweet and sour track ‘Following Love’ makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, with lyrics that get you thinking about an ex you don’t necessarily want to think about. Rinko teamed up with Donato who produced this bittersweet story.

Since Rinko’s last album LIFTED, he’s created new tracks like ‘Following Love’ that can be compared to some of his old songs like ‘Luv Ya.’ Although the stories have very different endings they have many parallels. For example, in both songs Daz Rinko thinks he found the one and is willing to do whatever he can to make these relationships work. Daz hopes to make these women happy and fulfill all of their needs with hope that they won’t break his heart. After trying his hardest in both songs he realizes love is blind and he’s left in the dark in both situations.

Throughout the track, Rinko lays down lines like:

“Please don’t break my heart, don’t hurt my soul/ You left me in the dark, now I’m so cold”

“You ain’t got no conscious girl, you ain’t got no lovin’ girl/ You ain’t go no money girl, you’re just good for nothing girl”

The lesson to take away from ‘Following Love; is that you may hurt for awhile after separating from your significant other but eventually life moves on. In the end, break-ups can make you feel like your heart is literally broken but in the end it’s better to be alone than to be with someone who makes you feel alone.

Make sure to check out Daz Rinko’s last album LIFTED and stay tuned for the release of his upcoming EP in 2017.

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