Daz Rinko’s “Black Boy Joy” Tells the African-American Dream

Black Boy Joy is Daz Rinko‘s 2017 project, and the title track (and music video) pinpoints the American Dream for blacks: hip hop. Carrying a bland, tasteless face throughout the music video, the Memphis native exclaims, “I wanna know what really makes you happy”. As a child of divorced parents who deals with the daily hardships of being black in the United States, rap is what truly captivates joy for Daz.

The title track is cut halfway through the music video and is replaced by another standout record on the EP, “Liam Gallagher”, telling Daz’ need to live in the hills, which would indicate his success and satisfaction for joy. In our interview with Daz, he explains that self-love and care was his stepping stones to finding pure joy in this past year.

You can find Black Boy Joy and review of the 8-track EP here.

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