What Insta-Fame Means for Danielle Bregoli, Us as the Audience

The “Cash me outside” girl just signed to Atlantic records. The Insta-famous 14-year-old Danielle Bregoli who went viral on Dr. Phil has officially kicked her off her newfound career as a rapper known as Bhad Bhabie.

Story | Shealene Sakacs

Her debut single “These Heaux” released in late August, and since has peaked at #1 on Spotify’s Viral US and Global Charts. The single briefly eclipsed Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”. Additionally, its music video was released two weeks later and acquired 2 million views within its first 24 hours, and 20 million views in a span of three weeks.

This attention helped Billboard’s youngest female rapper peak at #77 of the Hot 100 charts, which ultimately led to inking a deal with Atlantic Records.

Though this unquestionably viral girl can garner hits on Youtube and music streaming platforms, the idea of giving a young girl a claim to fame before she’s even an adult doesn’t sit right with me, especially when she’s known for acting in such a way that demands actual help, hence her appearance on Dr. Phil.

If Danielle acts the way she does now, what does this mean for her future? The more successful she gets and the more money she makes will only continue to lead to self-destruction, and as a society we should not be promoting that. We should be encouraging Bhad Bhabie to seek help and understand the world isn’t at her beck and call regardless of the type of attention she’s getting at the moment.

Let’s ask ourselves, is it even about the music anymore? Let me clarify. As of lately it seems that every time a viral teen or young adult blows up over social media for acting a fool or putting out a ridiculous video of themselves, we tend to idolize them and support their foolish endeavors so much so that they become a celebrity.

Take for example the YouTube and Vine star Cameron Dallas. Though his influence on social media earned him roles in the films Expelled and The Outfield, I still question if a six second video qualifies him as an actor. It’s possible that some artistic outlets are leaning towards utilizing people for their popularity.

Furthermore, record labels shouldn’t sign people based off of their fandom and despite their slightest ability to put words together in a rhyme. Of course, music is up for interpretation and some people may think that Bregoli’s music is of quality. However, it is safe to say that her number one supporters in music are the ones that she acquired already from being a reality star.

At the core, what’s the real reason behind Bhad Bhabie’s popularity? Is it good music? Or is it her unapologetic way that millennials tend to glamorize?

Regardless of what you’re answer is, the teenage reality TV star turned rapper is now going to embark on this career in music and we can only hope the best for her livelihood. As for record labels, let’s hope they don’t continue failing to endorse hard-working artists and go for these celebrities for their following. Invest in the person, not their following.

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