CTRL + ALT + DLT Fixes Everything: Meet Daylight Tone

The absolute best part about Chicago is the experimentation (aka non-mainstream sounds) that artists give no f**ks having in their discography. What’s even greater? Starting your career off with a mixtape that is 100% you.

Daylight Tone released his debut album, CTRL + ALT + DLT in just that fashion. The upcoming rapper spoke openly about the creation process on his Instagram, prior to its release at the beginning of January; “I stopped trippin’ over what type of music I wanted to hear and decided to make that shit myself. This project is a collection of past experiences & moods that put me in the frequency and constant mood I’m on now, ‘just have fun widditt.”

Throughout the ten-track record, DT adventures through not going home to his mother in the Intro, trapping on “Mona Lisa” and “Been A Minute”, and having jam band type instrumentals on “100″ that somehow blend evenly to tell his life story. It’s curious where DT’s influences stemmed from; or rather who made him savage and petty all at the same time towards the later half of the record. Either way, these are definitely tracks I’m excited to hear live at SXSW in March, to get the full experience of him “coming straight outta Texas” cuz #ATX4Life.

One critique I usually have while listening through a new album, is that influencers of the artist are either too apparent – or the artist has named inspiration and you don’t know why. I felt that CTRL + ALT + DLT stalls in the middle, which is great. While I can close my eyes and see Chance the Rapper dancing to the track “100“, I don’t see any exact artists’ tastes sprinkled on other tracks. Perhaps because so many artist steal and remake mainstream work, or more importantly, Daylight really just did his music exactly how he wanted. Having such freedom during the creative process to not be frozen by the industry’s over saturation, and have to press CTRL ALT DLT to refocus the computer (see what I did there).

Photo: Daylight Tone, Instagram

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