A Song About “Hawaiian Pizza” & Relationships by Crying Camilla

When you compare relationships to the highest grade of combination pizzas known to man, you’re bound to get something special. Though the debate on Hawaiian pizza will always be a battle between taste buds, one battle we’ve all encountered is sweet and salty personal relationships just like the aliment.

Hawaiian Pizza” is the latest single from Sacramento-based soul singer¬†Camilla Covington aka Crying Camilla. She’s messing with this guy who’s giving her mixed signals from needing her warmth, to giving her the cold shoulder. Camilla relates her situation with Hawaiian pizza, given their relationship emanates confusion:

The delicacy will never win everyone’s hearts, but this song surely can. Camilla can lay down lyrics about food that isn’t appealing to everyone and make it sound hella good. And when those lyrics relate back to a relationship, well, that’s a recipe for everyone to indulge in.

“I’m just confused baby¬†(don’t pretend like you don’t want to touch me) / I’m feeling used baby (Hawaiian Pizza, boy you’re sweet and salty)”

By the way, have any of you tried eating deep dish pizza crust with honey? You should try it. That’s another perfect combination.

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