Girl Ultra Questions Her lover’s “Cruel” Games in New Music Video

Opening with a shot of Girl Ultra lounging on a couch with an issue of The Fader magazine on the coffee table and champagne in hand, the video for “Cruel” sets the mood for this sultry track dedicated to heartbreak and games.

Story | Zara Hurtado

Draped in a fur coat, Girl Ultra reminisces on her hot and cold lover’s confusing behavior, rolling her eyes as she sings the chorus:

“Porque eres tan cruel?”

“Cruel” calls out this unnamed lover, questioning their growing distance, changing behavior and above all, their empty promises. Paired with 2000s-inspired R&B beats by Monterrey-based producer Teen Flirt, “Cruel” has the makings to be the next slow jam you’ll find yourself bumping after a breakup.

Even though the theme of the track is about the pain of being played with by an on-again, off-again lover, Girl Ultra handles it with a grace and strength that comes from her powerful vocals. Sure, in the track she’s kicking herself for falling for the same emotional games, but with a stellar first single off her Boys EP and an impressive Boiler Room set to her name, who’s the one missing out?

The Mexico City-based songstress is poised to be the next big name in Mexico’s growing R&B community. Catch the rest of her debut EP Boys, out late February on Finesse Records.

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