When The Islands Meet Hip Hop: “Today’s A New Day” by Common Kings

Common Kings recently released a new single called “Today’s a New Day” and it features ¡Mayday!, a hip hop group from Florida. Raised in Orange County, Common Kings is mainly known for their rock, reggae, and island sound, so collaborating with rappers was a new move for them. They’ve been making music since 2002 and this song has blown up to now being their 4th most listened to song on YouTube.

Story | Tay Preza

¡Mayday! is having a show in Hollywood on February 9th at The Roxy Theatre and fun fact; they are signed to Tech N9ne’s record label, Strange Music.

Take a listen and let us know what you think! Stay tuned for sound bites.

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(Photo Courtesy: Common Kings Website)

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