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It’s a rare, non-rainy, February day in East Oakland, California, the part of “The Town” that groomed and influenced a number of musical talents including Raphael Saadiq, Too $hort, Tupac, the Luniz, Dru Down, Bobby Brackins, Messy Marv and The Jacka. We meet Clyde Carson at Mindseed Studios, owned by Bay Area Legend and founding member of legendary R&B group Tony! Toni! Tonè!, D’Wayne Wiggins. The setting is perfectly fitting for Clyde’s cool, calm and collected persona, as the smooth rapper who co-founded The Team helped spark the Hyphy Movement in the early 2000s with songs like “It’s Getting Hot,” “Just Go,” “Bottles Up,” and “Hyphy Juice.”

Story | Jasmine Sabagquit

Clyde released S.T.S.A. 2 (Something To Speak About 2) in early February, the much anticipated and long awaited sequel to S.T.S.A. (Something To Speak About). The album exudes a “traditional Hyphy” sound, featuring the claps, hi hats and heavy bass you would hear in the early years of the movement.

–  The Lunch Table Exclusive Interview –

Executive Producer | Nico Blitz || Associate Producer | Taylor Preza

As an artist, Clyde Carson doesn’t try to stretch his sound to fit the current trends of mainstream music, but instead opts to keep it consistent with his personal sound and style. He sticks to what he knows, what he likes, but also does what he needs to make sure he is progressing as an artist and a person.

His lead single off the album, “Bring All Your Friends,” is nothing but feel-good, Bay Area music. The album is no pressure, but rather supplies a silky bounce that you can two-step two, while holding your drink in your cup, kicking back or cruising in the car, giving off that nostalgic feel of musical eras from the past with songs like “Let’s Get It,” “Leather & Wood,” “The Real” & “Ol Thang Back.” S.T.S.A. 2 does feature two heavy hitters from the Bay, Keak Da Sneak on “Getting to It,” and “She Ready,” with The Ambassador, E-40. In regards to the album response, Clyde says, “I don’t know what’s what for S.T.S.A. 2, I just know that, ‘Hey man, these are the records that I picked. I feel like they some good records cuz I like them and will see how the people react to it.’”

Throughout the day, we got to know more about Clyde Carson, the entrepreneur and individual. He took his radio banger “Hyphy Juice” and created an actual energy drink, which has now made it’s way to Dubai. One of the surprises of the day was Clyde opening up about going vegan. My first thought that came to mind was, “How do you fight the cravings and the munchies, as a vegan?”

Clyde Carson Interview | The Lunch Table Exclusive

Hearing Clyde share his process of becoming vegan, and why and how he has slowly transitioned his taste for food, gave a huge insight to taking control of your life and making better decisions. “I just want to be as healthy as I can at all times, active and get as much work done. I think that has a lot to do with my lifestyle everyday.”

After the studio, we headed to Millennium Restaurant in Oakland, where Clyde treated us to some vegan cuisine. It was an interesting transition to go from the studio to an upscale vegan restaurant. Surprisingly we indulged in delicious King Trumpet Mushrooms and Chicken Fried Cauliflower, something you wouldn’t expect coming from a rapper. But that was the closing stamp on the day we spent with Clyde. Sitting at the table, enjoying a savory meal and engaging in genuine conversation about life, our crafts, good food and with good company, not with the Bay Area rapper, but the real Clyde Carson.

Clyde Carson Interview | The Lunch Table Exclusive

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