Bas Reaches New Heights in “Clouds Never Get Old” Music Video

When you’re told that something is impossible, more than likely you were talking to a pessimist. In terms of the Hip Hop community, Dreamville has always been ready to make even the most impossible dreams come true. With their up-and-coming superstar Bas, they’ve decided to reach new heights in the music video realm on “Clouds Never Get Old”.

Story | Nico Blitz

“Clouds Never Get Old” comes off of Bas’ second studio LP Too High to Riot, which tells the tale of the New York City rapper’s inebriated experiences. Bas conveys his fixation for a white girl who replays the chorus to Akinyele’s “Put It In Your Mouth”, all while his mind is high in the clouds.

The DikC & Ogee Handz produced track is arguably one of the best from Too High to Riot for it’s sampling of Aaliyah’s “Never Coming Back” and having that feel good vibe that encapsulates an inebriated state of mind. Now that it’s accompanied with the video, it’s clear to see that Bas enjoys day dreaming about his fantasy girl as it gives him a high similar to any possible narcotics he’s be on. In turn, these narcotics give him the ability to feel like he’s floating on air, walking on water, and doing all things that defy gravity.

Another idea that derives from this music video is Dreamville’s simplicity to filming. Similar to J. Cole’s “G.O.M.D.” music video, there’s a straightforward storyline — Cole being a slave who works inside his master’s house and eventually frees the entire plantation, all while stealing the heart of his master’s daughter — and having very minimal instances where he’s rapping his lyrics.

Bas replicates this simplicity in his “Clouds Never Get Old” performance with clean cuts that follow along with his lyrics. For instance, at 0:39-0:43 the video shows Bas waking up to a dream:

“But I ain’t felt love in a long time, and I told you that when we woke up/I guess that might have been the wrong time”

It’s simple, but effective.

With Bas unraveling the video to “Clouds Never Get Old”, and Ari Lennox recently dropping her latest EP Pho, we’re anticipating a new wave from Dreamville as the year comes to a close.

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