Clairo’s Authenticity Will Last “4EVER” in Your Hearts and Playlists

Chance the Rapper is crowned as a lead for the Independent Artist-Revolution for receiving a Grammy nomination with no contracted label deal. Although the new generation of independent artists are developing and rising quickly, the counterculture of music is still often overlooked.

Today’s ever-popular trap sound — and what hip hop has been for some years now — is really just artists who flex money, flex money, and flex money. The counterculture, then goes against the grain of what’s hot and exemplify the simple things in life — like high school joyrides, goofiness and silliness in ourselves is acceptable. I’d like to think of them as the anti-social kids that the jocks didn’t want to fuck with.

Clairo is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter who, in my eyes, leads this wolfpack. The Boston-based artist simply became a sensation by being herself.

She is a modern day example of the destructiveness that simplicity brings from independent artists; minimalism and authenticity is what brings her more attention and affection from fans.

Her most recent low-fo record “4EVER” is accompanied by a VHS-like music video of her kicking back with her homies. Simply existing in the moment is something she seems to hold close in her circle.

As an artist that presents herself with sincere authenticity, Clairo is going to spark a new wave of musicians who can simply be (weird) yourself. Weird is fun. Yourself is fun.

Clairo will be dropping her EP Diary 001 on May 25th.

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