Meet the Dancers Who Started the Chuck E Cheese Challenge

A new movement has risen from the depths of social media to one-up the Mannequin Challenge. Deemed the Chuck E Cheese Challenge by Dragon House dance members Bam the Dancer, Julius Chisolm, and Marquese Scott, which features robotic movements and lip syncing Childish Gambino’s standout single “Redbone” from his 2016 album Awaken, My Love!.

Story | Nico Blitz

The challenge reenacts the Chuck E. Cheese band found at every franchise restaurant with the lead singer, Chuck E. Cheese, being replaced by Marquese Scott.

However, Scott is no amateur to the dancing realm. Scott is a worldwide dancer who is responsible for work on music videos, and has showcased his skill set on national television on shows like like The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

With over 112 million views, Marquese Scott has proved himself to be a valuable asset in advertisements. He’s featured on several commercials with brands like Toyota, Ballantine, Lipton, and Oreo.

Who knows, this challenge may lead to a Chuck E. Cheese endorsement for the Dragon House crew.

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