Chance the Rapper Debuts on Ellen, Performs ‘No Problem’

It wasn’t by chance that 23-year-old Chance the Rapper debuted on The Ellen Show Thursday, September 15. The Chicago native hip-hop artist was invited as a guest when Ellen Degeneres spoke to him at President Obama’s 55th birthday party last month.

Story | Taylor Preza

Chance admitted he was “drunk” when Ellen had asked him to appear on her show as a guest, so he couldn’t remember if the invitation was real or not. Fast-forward to today, Chance made his debut.

On the show, he performed ‘No Problem’ along with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. He dove deeper into the true meaning behind the lyrics.

“I’m just trying to be an example for all the young artists that are becoming artists everyday, and working on their craft and trying to help them avoid the pitfalls of the upper management in music, and the non-music side of music,” said Chance the Rapper. “When it’s in your hands, you’re self-motivated and have all the tools that are there.”

The artist is not signed with a label and solely profits off of merchandise. Oh yeah, and did we mention that he does not charge fans for any of his music?

Now go and check out the interview and performance posted here.

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