Chance the Rapper Fathers the Baby Boomer Era of Hip-Hop

Chance The Rapper is one of the hottest people in the hip-hop realm right now. The rapper from Southside Chicago took speed in 2013, when he released his second mixtape Acid Rap. In 2015 he performed as lead vocalist in The Social Experiment album Surf, which included popular songs like “Sunday Candy” and “Slip Slide”. It was a huge stepping stone for Chance when he co-wrote and appeared on Kanye West’s popular album The Life of Pablo. Shortly after, Chance released his album Coloring Book which was a streaming only mixtape. Within its first week, the mixtape was streamed over 57.3 million times. This brought it to number 8 on the Billboard 200.

Story | Alyssa San Agustin

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What’s different about Chance is that he does not have a record label. His music is entirely free and his only source of money making is through tours and merchandise sales. Many record labels have reached out to Chance but he has declined them all and relies on word of mouth to get his music out. Chance is a pioneer and has paved this new way for the industry. The success that Chance displays without a record label has gotten extremely noticed, so much so that the Grammy’s changed its rules so that streaming-only albums can be eligible.

Chance is pioneering a new era of hip-hop because he’s opening up the eyes of rappers out there. Through his compelling risks and successful outcomes, more and more people are gaining hope to make their dreams come true. This is going to create a baby boomer effect in the hip-hop game and it’s all credit to Chance.

I had the opportunity to fly out to Chicago to attend Chance’s Magnificent Coloring Day Festival. I happened to have two extra tickets because my two other friends could no longer make it. The tickets to this festival were so low so of course scalpers took advantage. Being the bold person he is, Chance bought back all the scalped tickets back with his own money to give an opportunity for true fans to experience it at a reasonable price. This sent the message again that Chance is not about making money, but about sharing his love for hip-hop to others. With this in mind, I knew that I wanted to my two extra tickets into good hands. I tried very hard to reach out to Chance and give them back to him so he could give them to people of his choice but unfortunately wasn’t lucky. The day of the festival I happened to go onto Chance’s twitter and saw a retweet from @add-2 thanking a generous person for donating three tickets to his mentees. After doing some research and realizing that @add-2 mentored students working on their hip hop careers to help keep them off the streets of Chicago I knew I had found the home to my tickets. I quickly reached out and let him know that I had the tickets available if anymore mentees were in need. Luckily, they did and I was able to give them away.

I knew this was the perfect fit especially after Chance’s release of his new non-profit – Social Works. This is a program that aims to “empower youth through arts, education, and civic engagement while fostering leadership, professionalism, and connectivity within the youth throughout Chicago.” This program also creates accessible spaces to allow for local talent and to open new doors.

Chance is pioneering a new era of hip-hop. He’s paving the way for dreamers, shakers, and doers. Through his never ending actions he shows future artists that they hold the power to create change not only within the music business, but throughout the world. He is opening up doors for more upcoming artists to pursue their dreams and make it big. It’s exciting to see what more Chance has in store and I can’t wait to see the rappers who will emerge from this new era.

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