Chance, Daniel Caesar Open Heaven’s Gates with Unnamed Track

How Great” is Chance and Daniel Caesar? Enough to make a godly combination.

Though he was supposed to perform his single “Grown Ass Kid”, Chance the Rapper got the chance to perform an unnamed track with Canadian R&B singer/songwriter Daniel Caesar (most known for his single “Get You”) on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert tweeted that the song, which features Daniel Caesar, was written just two days before. According to a tweet from the Late Show account, the song is so new that it doesn’t even have a working title.

Despite the no named record, Nico Segal and Caesar brought us to heaven’s gates through their angelic harmony, while Chano raps about the struggle of being a rap icon, fatherhood and maintaining a relationship with his loved ones.

“I’m a rich excuse for a father, you just came to a toddler/She turning two, she don’t need diapers, she just need her papa/I really need a break, could really use a nap/My daughter barely recognize me when I lose the hat/You go so far, you hit a point where you can’t Uber back”

He even later goes into detail how he can’t humanize and humble himself at church anymore because of his success as an artist in his community.

“I go to church/They want to flick, i want to flip the table”

During the show, Colbert asked Chance about his fans’ campaign to make him Mayor of Chicago in 2019. He denied any plans to run for office but in his 2015 single with R. Kelly and Jeremih “Somewhere in Paradise”, Chance raps: “They screamin’, ‘Chano for mayor,’ I’m thinkin’ maybe I should”

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