Women Empowering Women: Nicki Minaj Passes Torch to Cardi B

It’s awesome to see women empowering women. Thank Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

Earlier this year, Cardi B inked a deal with Atlantic Records following the success of Gangsta Bitch Vol. 2. Fast forward to today, her contagious record “Bodak Yellow” just made history by topping the Billboard Hot 100, making her the first female rapper to do so since Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop” in 1998. Though this alone doesn’t mean Cardi will repeatedly top the charts, she will continue to expand her audience from her ability to entertain through her personality.

Story | Shealene Sakacs

Just a girl from the Bronx formerly a stripper, her development in one-liners like “I’mma get that schmoney” on the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop escalated her career to the top. Since making “money moves”, her popularity has skyrocketed because of her IDGAF persona and how all that matters to her is making money, not the external hate that’s come her way. And though I think “Bodak Yellow” will be her peak in terms of a song, Cardi B’s popularity will continue to grow throughout her entertainment career.

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Think about it. The 24-year-old reality star turned hip hop artist garnered the number one spot on Billboard and continues to grow in popularity in the music industry on her latest record “No Limit” with G-Eazy and A$AP Rocky. However, the music industry is not the only form of entertainment, and because of her experience in television, she will forever have two avenues of success – not to mention that she’s bilingual, which can potentially expand her audience to spanish speaking people.

Though Cardi is arguably the most popular female rapper in the world today, Nicki Minaj has passed the torch. As a powerhouse and feminist in hip hop through like records like “Anaconda” and “Rake It Up”, Nicki Minaj flips the script on sexualization, and encourage women to love themselves.

Regardless of who has the throne as the leading female rapper, it’s encouraging to see two strong female artists back each other up. Instead of us picking who’s better we should agree that both of these female artists are successful for different reasons, but equally as influential.

She’s even acquired the respect of other hip hop heavy hitters.

Cardi B is set to open up for J. Cole at the 2017 Real Show in Los Angeles on October 17th, and will be releasing her debut album that same month.

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