Calez Examines Black History, Exploits Racism in “Problematic” Video

Racism and discrimination continue to play a large role in society. Nowadays it seems like there are multiple stories of police brutality or a black males getting shot. It’s almost like this has become a reoccurring theme in the news. It is not easing growing up as a black male in America, and Calez brings that though into play in his video for “Problematic”.

Story | Shealene Sakacs

“Problematic” focuses on the experience and hardships in life that many people from the black community face everyday. The video also presents historical figures of the community who have made a difference and stood up for their rights from past to present. This eye-opening jam was self-produced by the Chicago MC himself from his 2016 album Baby.

The video is simplistic and jaw dropping as Calez stands in front of a screen with an American flag shirt containing iconic black figures such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and families who have lost their loves ones from police brutality, all flashing in the background while he explains how hard it truly is growing up as a black male in America.

Throughout the song Calez brings the thought that growing up as a black male in America has become something that is ‘problematic’ in society. Many people that aren’t a part of that community look at him as a problem and he has to go through life working much harder than the typical person.

He speaks about people getting gunned down or killed by cops, or even just treated unfairly. Calez brings attention to the social injustices that he and other black people have to face. He says, “add, add, add, it up” while pictures appear in the background of people who have been killed from police brutality and their families/loved ones who pay tribute to the ones they lost.

This issue of injustice towards the black community continues to stay prevalent throughout society. As long as people are being killed and treated differently there is no real change being made. Now is as good a time as ever to stand up for what is right and to put an end to racism and discrimination, in any way possible.

If you want to hear more of Calez inspiring music make sure to listen to his album Baby.

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