What Caleborate, Robin Hood & Tyler Perry Have in Common: “Bankrobber”

Caleb is Robin Hood, a getaway driver, a child, and a regular man in his music video to “Bankrobber“. Produced by A PLUS FILMZ, Caleborate mimics Tyler Perry classics by showcasing his multiple personas in the video.

Though “Bankrobber” is a song about his father teaching him many ways to make money, the video exemplifies Caleb’s sense of responsibility. Think about it. He’s all these characters at the same time; each with their unique purpose in the robbery. While Caleb plays Robin Hood, he’s giving back to people of need (aka the Calebs we see in the car, and the one pushing weights on his lawn). Essentially, this is a metaphor showing he’s investing in himself with every move he makes.

So what’d we learn out of all this? It’s important to invest in yourself. Believe in yourself and your goals because at the end of the day, no one can tell you shit if you’re doing what you love.

Caleborate starts hisĀ Real PersonĀ Tour in Berkeley on February 22nd, where you’ll hear songs like “Bankrobber” or “4 Willem. Learn more about the Bay Area-bred artist in our exclusive interview.

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