“Bread Now” by C5 Finds Similarities Between Legends and Newcomers

Don’t you just love it when the Bay Area’s legends connect with its rising stars? We’ve seen this happen with Marty Grimes and Clyde Carson on the certified slapper “Get It Back“, but now C5 talks about his come up on monetary gain with Chris Famo and Mistah F.A.B. on “Bread Now“.

Building off his post-collegiate days at California State University, Dominguez Hills, C5 pushes an evolved version of his Dorm Flow explaining that’s he’s grown up, become wiser, and found ways to survive as he relates his mood to a biblical passage:

“I used to walk around with my head down/I used to be a boy, I’m a man now/I remember last summer I was stressed out/but like the Last Supper team, getting bread now”

Mistah F.A.B. also presents an uncommon version of himself. Though we’re used to hyphy records like “Ghost Ride It” or “Still Feelin’ It“, the Baydestrian takes a more conscious approach on “Bread Now” just as he did on various records across his 2016 opus Son of A Pimp 2.

It’s hella cool to see the new comers bring a different style out of the legends. For instance on the aforementioned Clyde Carson and Marty Grimes collab, the Hyphy Juice creator takes a trap approach to his verse – something unheard of from Clyde. On C5’s track, we’re presented with a conscious-driven Fabby Davis and learn more about him aside from the Go Dumb era.

Nonetheless, it’s all hyphy and I’m happy to see it evolve.

C5’s forthcoming project Be Patient is slated to drop in February.

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