Learn Patience Through All Eras of Hip Hop | ‘Be Patient’ by C5

Some of the best life lesson is exploited while you’re fishing. Any guesses? It’s patience. If you don’t have the time or are environmentally scarce of a water source to fish, you can learn patience from C5’s latest project Be Patient.

We first discovered C5 back in April 2016 when he released his second project Dorm Flow 2. The 17-track project reminds you of some early J. Cole with a hint of Bay Area in every record. Don’t expect anything hyphy, but something within the realm of Souls of Mischief or Caleborate. Since then, C5 opened up for Usher and Ty Dolla $ign, dropped a plethora of singles, freestyles, and most recently a video to “Bread Now” which features Bay Area legend Mistah F.A.B. Though these feats can easily gratify the hunger of the next rapper, Chris is still looking to progress his career, while satisfying himself and hip hop lovers.

First let’s talk about C5’s forward journey as he brings you back to the 1980s. He samples 52nd Street’s “Tell Me” on “How Does It Feel” which explains his hunger for everlasting stardom, and immediately switches moods for R&B lovers on “See Your Face” that samples “Come & Talk to Me” by Jodeci.

By now you’re probably like, “Cool, this guy can sample beats and rap over them, but what else can he do?” Well, nostalgia is an attention grabber for all ages and can actually make the grouchiest hip hop head break their necks. He channels in his inner 50 Cent on “100 Questions” and “Lil Bit“; both records target his mindset on relationships. And for the millennials, he even throws in a 21 Savage adlib in there for shits and giggles.

At this point I can go about every song and what crowd they cater to, but my point is that this 90s kid moves back and forth between eras of hip hop over Be Patient. It’s nowhere near a cry for figuring out what target audience really fucks with him, and that’s due to the fact that he raps with the same cleverness and wit as he tells a story on every single record – even a freestyle. If you enjoy that, then C5 is the guy who belongs on your playlist.

5 Star Songs: “Hunnit” featuring RichKidd P & Likybo, “I Do” featuring Kente

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