Tech N9ne Lights One Up with Boyz II Men on “Buddha”

Tech N9ne is back with his 16th album The Storm – the sequel to his debut project The Calm Before the Storm (1999) – and has recruited a handful of artist for features such as Krizz Kaliko, Logic and Big Scoob. But the most surprising appearance of them all was on the track “Buddah,” which features legendary R&B trio Boyz II Men.

Story | Adam Douglas

Image | The Story by Tech N9ne

Tech hinted at the collaboration earlier this year through his Instagram, showing he had Boyz II Men’s Wanya Morris in the Strange Music Headquarters. It’s good to know the collaboration indeed came to fruition as the wispy vocals breathe life into the track’s chorus:

“Bud-dha, I’m so high”

Hearing Boyz II Men on a track again is pleasing to the ears of many who can recall hearing “No Diggity” playing through the car radio. It’s even more pleasing to hear them collaborate with well respected Tech N9ne as he raps in his signature multi-syllable rhyming:

“I’m tripping, she tripping, I make a decision
To run to the kitchen with a cottonmouth mission
Got a hazy condition this lady’s position
Was pay me for the spliff and then maybe submission”

As the sequel album to his 1999 project, Tech N9ne himself describes the album as “the best music I’ve ever done,” which is a daring claim as he has a vast discography that’s accumulated millions of fans since his career took off.

But it’s up for you to be the judge. Tech N9ne’s The Storm is available for download on iTunes.

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