Take A Trip Back to High School with Brownboi Maj’s “Move On”

High school cements some of the greatest, or worst memories of our lives. There were nerds, jocks, theater kids, band geeks, and the list goes on. Even though it didn’t seem like any of these kids had anything in common, one mutual interest between anyone in high school came down to the pursuit of that high school crush. Once you’ve moved on from high school though, it’s difficult to move on from that crush at times.

Move On” is the latest single from Phoenix artist Brownboi Maj, who discusses the difficulties of moving on from your high school crush. The A.I.W. & Xiris directed music video sees Maj in an empty school dining hall covered with streamers and fluorescent lighting that intensify the mysteriousness of his thoughts. He’s unable to forget this woman of his past and he pays the piper by surrounding himself with pure nothingness.

It’s a vibrant and melancholy song that’ll get you singing, dancing, and missing your old thang simultaneously. You’d basically be simping as you drink Drake’s alcoholic Passion Fruit beverage while you two step. And as a DJ, it mixes well with Cardi B‘s “I Like It” for its uptempo instrumental.

Watch the video to “Move On” above. Listen to this single on all streaming platforms here.

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