Meet Brockhampton, the Next ‘All-American Boy Band’ Supergroup

Meet Brockhampton, the next musical supergroup to look out for in 2017. This “All American Boy Band” specializes in love songs and combines every genre to redefine the typical boy band sound.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

Deriving from rap collective AliveSinceForever to now existing as Brockhampton, every member brings a unique sound through various productions and emceeing. They pass the mic as if they are playing hot potato, changing the mood from rap to punk, funk to metal, trap to soul, alternative rock to pop.

With all of the tempo switches as does the lyricism style with the performer. A song can change from being very dark and emotional rap about heartbreak to a light hearted upbeat serenade about love.

“Hotter than chicken grease” the collective is roughly around 12 members:

Kevin Abstract who debuted his album American Boyfriend in a self hosted prom in Los Angeles:

Matt Champion who mixes punk with pop lyrics:

Ameer Vann who is known for creating an eerie sounding rap flow and rapping about heartbreaks and suicide:

Merlyn Wood, the one with an explicit, careless attitude:

Dom McLennon:

NY Singer Rodney Tenor (formerly known as MiC Kurb):

Los Angeles based songwriter Roy Mabie:

Producer/singer Joba:

Producer Romil, who’s ambition is to be the next Pharrell Williams:

Kiko Merley:

U.K. based producer, Bearface:

Albert Gordon:

Jabari Manwa who created a demo titled Brockhampton before it was a collective:

And several others who contribute towards visual artwork, band merchandise and web layout.

Each member is growing individually with their own projects following the success of Kevin Abstract’s American Boyfriend, and their collective is looking to debut All American Trash. Even though their sound brings an unusual aura the first time hearing it, their potential can become a formula for breaking genre boundaries.

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