Brockhampton Preps for Hip-Hop/Pop Fusion on ‘Saturation’ Album

Hip-Hop and pop may finally get the fusion we’ve been waiting for. Brockhampton (the collective of creative rappers, artists, designers and producers) releases ‘STAR’ — a song dedicated to popular culture, referencing its heavy hitters such as Shawn Mendes, Michael Cera, Liam Neeson, Blake Griffin, Chris Tucker, Jonah Hill and more — and looks to continue their momentum through more releases and an upcoming album Saturation.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

Image | Vice

Over the past several weeks, Brockhampton pushed singles for Saturation (rumored to be released on June 9th), which include four tracks complimented with four music videos. In addition, they have received a lot of web traffic for their creative short series titled Helmet Boy, and their recently landed show on Viceland titled The Makings of a Popstar: American Boyband.

The Viceland series premieres on June 8th and will include Kevin Abstract’s first headlining tour across the U.S., and a tour of the Brockhampton house in South Central, California. The series allows us to understand how their creative minds are on the path to become the new wave of merged pop and rap.

Saturation is shaping up to be one of the most exciting releases of the year. With back-to-back music video releases specializing in being the high school rebels (similar to Odd Future’s ‘Rella’), they are really changing the direction of how contemporary rap is looked at.

Every released music video has a different vibe. For example, the black and white music video to ‘FACE’ materializes the extremes of a relationship. You go from simping, to losing love, and will likely only remember the profoundly good or drastically horrible situations from the relationship.

On the other hand, ‘GOLD’ is about vibing with your homies — feeling yourself and thinking of your ego to be higher than what it actually is. The ‘GOLD’ music video is satire at its finest, exaggerating that being cool means rocking chains, jewelry, and visibly becoming the main attraction in the room.

HEAT’ tackles hip-hop’s current stereotypical sound, repeating lyrics that sensationalizes guns, ignorance, and hating-the-world-because-no-one-understands-me. However, the song was made by theatre kids and weirdos instead of someone growing up in the hood.

STAR’ is the pop song that tackles music’s click bait. It’s the track that entices you to go straight to the comments section, and eventually click the share button.

All of the music videos and the episodes from the short series Helmet Boy was completed with little to no budget. Brockhampton is spearheading creative, viral videos containing their unique personality, satire, and sensationalism. Don’t believe me? Look back at their leading artist Kevin Abstract’s music video to ‘EMPTY.’

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