‘Saturation 2’ Review – Brockhampton is the Future of Boybands and Rap

If you haven’t heard of Brockhampton by now, you’re in for a major surprise on Saturation 2 .

The All-American boyband’s vocalists Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion, Ameer Vann, Merlyn Wood, Don McLennon, and JOBA released a series of music videos leading up to their album Saturation II, and found enough time to make “FOLLOW” — a single to promote Saturation III before the their second album was released. However, before getting into “FOLLOW” and the third album to the trilogy, let’s talk about Saturation II in the form of quick synopses of each member’s verses.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

Image | via Brockhampton

GUMMY” is about swerving haters. Kevin Abstract recalls moments when people call him ‘fake’ and simplify them as haters. In recent months, Brockhampton has become a sensation across the rap game. Ameer, Dom, and Matt explain that despite any negativity the group receives, Brockhampton is a new wave of creatives who are the salvation for rap.

Recalling a Kanye West Forum as their meeting group, “JELLO” portrays the beginning of Brockhampton to currently having a show on Viceland. Also, Ameer vindicates reasons why blacks need to be in the White House.

TEETH” is Ameer’s solo verse. He provides insight on a racist educational system that makes him feel ‘different’ and ‘alone.’ It’s also his rags-to-riches story of being a project baby, to one day having a Hollywood Star dedicated to Brockhampton.

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Track 10 is one of my personal favorites. “JUNKY” is about every member’s addiction. Kevin’s ‘drug’ is openly expressing his sexuality, and redefining culture. For instance, he pushes how being weird is cool, how creativity and ambition dominates practical realism, and preaches that we should unconditionally be ourselves.

JUNKY” also expresses Ameer’s depression, trust issues, and hallucinating feeling of love; Merlyn’s addition to satisfying his family, and Matt tackles the objectification of women.

Now let’s talk about “FOLLOW“, the record that promoted Saturation III prior to the release of Saturation II. Why’d they do this? They knew the momentum was going to continue and provide new ‘followers.’

As the first single to Saturation III, “FOLLOW” provides insight on Kevin Abstract’s first boyfriend and almost signing to Def Jam. Ameer Vann is seen coming out of a closet – which perhaps can be a metaphor for Gay culture to be a norm – rapping about how his agent called him saying they want him to act in movies now.


Matt Champion verse describes him wanting to be as popular as Paris Hilton’s sex tape and Merlyn Wood’s verse describes how he jacks off in Supreme clothing. Furthermore, all of the verses listed in this song describe a wish to gain a huge following as a group while growing in their own way. “FOLLOW” is for new fans tuning in wondering what their motivation is as a BOYBAND instead of a hip hop collective.

One last thing to point out between the songs of the Saturation Trilogy is the name length of each track. Saturation has 4-letter tracks (except for their last track “WASTE“), Saturation II has 5-letter tracks (except for the last track “SUMMER“), and Saturation III already follows a 6-letter theme with its first single.



Brockhampton’s goal is to release three albums before the year is over while simultaneously providing quality music despite the time constraint. While developing three albums worth of musical content, the Brockhampton team continues to provide visuals, storyboards, and a creative delivery methods to gain new followers.

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