Self-Battles and Liquor; Peep “Amy Winehouse” by Brielle Leilani

When was the last time you were on your Amy Winehouse shit? Brielle Leilani coins the term as your depressive moments partnered with your favorite liquor to ease the pain.

Amy Winehouse” is Brielle’s battle with herself. The April Fool Child sees her temporary solution as simply drowning in her thoughts; one minute she’s wanting to run away, the next she’s willing to face the consequences and grow from them. This ongoing battle is something we’ve all experienced, making her latest single one of the most relatable songs on our radar.

Nonetheless, Brielle manages to keep her life together. On the same day she released “Amy Winehouse” she tweeted about respect for other’s opinions, and believing in oneself. Her truth is relatable, and that’s what’s going to keep the Flute Bae stealing hearts with every song.

Check out more of Brielle Leilani on her Soundcloud.

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