Brent Faiyaz Somberly Gives his Life Story on ‘Sonder Son’ (Review)

Here’s why you need Brent Faiyaz and his debut project Sonder Son.

There is something to be said about artists who genuinely tell their life story through music. But more importantly, it’s how the artist expresses their feelings towards a particular experience. As a listener, I tend to put albums/songs into categories such as positivity, anger/resentment or mellow (neutral feeling). Weird I know, but that’s one way I build a playlist – because let’s face it you may not want to listen to “F*ck Tha Police” followed by “Single Ladies”.

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Now, I am not one to cross-compare full albums based on the content, as everyone experiences life differently. However, upon hearing Brent Faiyaz’ Sonder Son my mind immediately went to The Autobiography by Vic Mensa (released this summer), particularly because Sonder Son is downplayed on emotion lyrically, compared to Mensa’s in your face artistry.

I found Sonder Son intriguing mainly because of the way Faiyaz describes things as just a memory, such as failing the 9th grade on “Gangsta Over Luv”, or how he washed his clothes in the sink on “First World Problemz/Nobody Cares”. The entire album equally balances a play on instrumentals such as synthetic board and guitar, that captures the transition from childhood to becoming the man Brent is today.

The integration of Santana-inspired guitar riffs throughout Sonder Son add a new level to the R&B genre. And while it’s not a new technique, I appreciated the addition and thought back to Mario’s original work while listening to tracks like “Talk 2 U”. Throughout this album, Brent’s melodic voice works as a natural toner against the impoverished, love stricken topics from his youth that he discusses.

Sonder Son overall is an incredible first solo project for Sonder frontman Brent Faiyaz and should inspire other songwriters to create a unique experience for their audience. While this album is available on all platforms, I feel like this album belongs hidden in the shadows of Soundcloud patiently waiting for a deserving listener to find it, but alas – Sonder Son is meant for greater things, like the Apple Private Show during SXSW 2018 (aka where 6LACK ended up after blowing up).

Follow Brent on Twitter @brentfaiyaz for potential tour dates.

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