Brasstracks & Xavier Omar Bring Funkadelic Excellence on “Stay There”

We’re excited for Smokin’ Grooves, an R&B festival that’s happening in Long Beach, CA on June 16th, which features artists like Erykah Badu, Alina Baraz, and this singer we’ve been following for a while who goes by the name Xavier Omar. The California resident will be performing on the Smokin’ Stage from 6:30-6:50PM (it’s an extremely short set, we know…) and hopefully he performs this new record called¬†“Stay There“.

This new single drops a day before the one-day festival. It’s actually a song originally created and produced by Brasstracks, the funkadelic duo in charge of producing Chance the Rapper’s “No Problems“.

Instantly, I was captivated by Brasstracks’ signature trumpets and horns, which compliment Xavier Omar’s multi choir-like voice; meaning he sounds like hella angels singing and harmonizing perfectly. I’m sure you’ll feel the same once you listen.

Check out “Stay There” by the Brasstracks featuring Xavier Omar below:

Photo via Brasstracks

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