Ohana Bam Will Make You “Bounce” With Latest Single

The music industry is nearly impossible to break into. That being said, you’ve got to give credit to those who are slowly but surely making their way in.

Story | Madison Lippincott

Image | Ohana Bam Soundcloud

After almost a year of silence after releasing a trio of songs, Ohana Bam has debuted a new single. Ohana Bam collaborated with fellow rapper Alex Wiley and producer D. Phelps to release a new single: “Bounce”.

“Bounce” is an upbeat layering of the two artists that is sure to get speakers bumping. While it’s not something you’d find playing in your typical club on a Friday night, it’s perfect for other occasions, like rolling a fat one with your friends.

Blowing smoke like a chimney
Giving smoke to my enemies
I don’t stay with a woman unless she comes with amenities
Niggas lost they identity
Shoulda lost they identity
If shawty want a jawn, she can F like Kennedy

Ohana Bam is no stranger to the five-leafed herb as his freshman album, released on SoundCloud nine months ago, is called Tree Up and features several songs about leaves of the green variety including “Tree Up” and “Palms”.

This album has more of a lackadaisical vibe to it with a few slow jams mixed in like “Met You”, a personal favorite of mine. As for the rest of the album, it’s slightly reminiscent of a young Big Sean with imaginative intros and catchy lyrics.

It’s obvious that, as an artist, Ohana Bam has a lot to offer. With that being said, he’s still got a long way to go to make a unique name for himself.

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