Tarantino of Hip-Hop | Logic’s Surprise Mixtape Bobby Tarantino

As an ode to Logic’s favorite filmmaker Quentin Tarantino comes a surprise mixtape Bobby Tarantino the day before Logic & G-Eazy’s “The Endless Summer Tour” on July 1.

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Pushing the momentum forward off of his 2015 release The Incredible True Story, the Maryland phenomenon marks his 6th straight year with a project release – including both LPs and mixtapes – and doesn’t seem to have the ability to remain on a stagnant lyrical and musical disposition level.

We are set up with a video game sounding introduction which transitions into his recent single “Flexicution” – more information on this single in a previous article.

After listening to Bobby Tarantino, or just by simply depicting the mixtape’s name, it’s easy to tell Logic is relating himself to the legendary filmmaker himself, implying his style to Hip Hop is Tarantino to movies. However, looking beyond the general reference, we find more hints about Logic’s day-to-day lifestyle post-T.I.T.S

The mixtape garners references to the NBA with the lone feature, G.O.O.D. Music President Pusha T on “Wrist”. Although Logic is speaking about a fictional Columbian drug lord, it’s hard to avoid the countless basketball references in the chorus and Pusha T’s verse.

“Curry over Kobe, we shootin’ niggas/Splash Brothers with the coca add in baking soda”

Basketball may not be the only thing that’s been on Logic’s mind. Producer 6ix sampled one of Nintendo’s all-time favorite’s Mario in “Super Mario World” – possibly dedicated to Logic’s latest video YouTube channel.

But what Logic really wanted us to be prepared for is his 3rd studio album, which gave us a sneak preview in “Studio Ambience At Night: Malibu” and in an interview with Rolling Stone.

An entire album rapping from the perspective of individuals of different race, ethnicity, or sex would be a remarkable feat for Logic, let alone any rapper. We are currently passed the “fun” album as he called it, but it’s more than enough to keep his fans preoccupied for the next project.

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