The Big Film with Bobby Brackins, The Lunch Table Exclusive

Hailing from Oakland, CA, Bobby Brackins, has been turning up the radio hits for the past decade. He’s the man behind the lyrics to Tinashe’s “2 On” and Chris Brown’s “Loyal,” and has penned in Bay Area lingo into the songs you’ve found yourself giggin’ to in the clubs. One of the famous tracks he’s written that put him on the mainstream map (or infamous, depending on who you ask), is Ray J’s “I Hit It First,” a definite club banger that suits Ray J’s soulful R&B pipes and Bobby’s raspy, melodic voice.

Story | Jasmine Sabagquit

Executive Producer/Editing | Nico Blitz

Director of Photography/Camera | Timmy Truong

The Lunch Table team met up with Bobby at his home in the Los Angeles Hills, and got an exclusive, one-on-one with the artist from “The Town,” talking Big Films, meeting his wolf-hybrid, Noir, and getting some homemade grub from his personal chef. Off the bat, Bobby Brackins is one of the coolest dudes you will come across, and it’s crystal clear that success and fame hasn’t taken away from his humble character and hospitality. A rarity in this industry, where smiling faces and hand shakes, are just facades. But Bobby is a different breed, a self-made success as one of the music industry’s standout and blooming talents.

Songwriter isn’t the only title to his name. Bobby Brackins is a producer, rapper/singer, and has one of the smoothest voices in the business. In the early days of his career, he released “143” ft. Ray J and gave us a taste of what he could bring to the radio world as a solo artist. Bobby shared with us that working alongside his friends, particularly his producer, Nic Nac and singer, Marc E. Bassy, is something special, and the Bay Area roots are without a doubt what bonds them together, musically and personally. With G-Eazy, Kehlani, Sage the Gemini, HBK Gang, and pioneers E-40 & Too $hort, the Bay Area is without a doubt making some big noise in the music scene.

The Big Film with Bobby Brackins | The Lunch Table

Bobby released To Live For in May, part one of a trilogy of EPs set to come out in the near future. His latest work showcases some of the hottest songs and collaborations of the year, and his tracks are made of the type of quality that the music world has been missing. It’s time to push your favorite ABC-rapper aside, and pay attention, so don’t sleep on this one.

To Live For highlights Bobby’s ability to take you on a visual ride as if you’re right next to him, kicking it and having a good time, living and enjoying life, while also giving you that well-versed, Bay Area flavor. The lead singles off the EP are “My Jam” ft. Zendaya & Jeremih, “Faithful” ft. Ty Dolla $ign, “Hot Box” ft. G-Eazy & Mila J, and “Joy Ride” ft. Austin Mahone. The Lunch Table’s personal favorites are: “Indigo,” “Back to the Crib,” and “My Bride.”

For Bobby Brackins, hit radio singles are an accomplishment, but the real success is leaving a legacy behind, and it’s for damn sure he is making his mark in music, loud and clear.

Catch him on stage in the next few weeks as he hits the stage alongside fellow Bay Area artist, Marc E. Bassy on “The Groovy People Tour.” YEE!

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