Why Soul Amazing (Part Seven) by Blu is So Amazing for Hip Hop

Blu claims his “ink is worth an island,” and his Soul Amazing mixtape series is proof.

Story | Nico Blitz

Los Angeles emcee and half of the collective Dirty Science, Blu, releases his Soul Amazing (Part Seven) – a more insightful, soulful piece in today’s hip hop despite the trend of trap and ratchet music. Evidently, this mixtape captures music lovers with short attention spans, who also enjoy hearing a connection amongst artists across the entire spectrum of real hip hop.

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My skepticism kicked in when I saw 37 songs on the tracklist, but noticed two things: each song was around 1-2 minutes long, and Blu was listed as a feature on each one – meaning this project showcases his skills through the numerous artists he’s worked with. By being featured on records from Planet Asia, Jeff Bernat, DJ Concept and much more, Blu proves that his versatility has no limitations.

Immediately I was captivated by the first track “rap break #2,” which opened with a baby scratch of a voiceover saying, “You’re about to hear a story of a dream come true.” Blu’s voice then emanates soulful, old school hip hop vibes that last throughout the entire project.

It felt like Soul Amazing was one cohesive DJ set. Because each record is cut around a minute long, Soul Amazing (Part 7) does well for this generation of music lovers since attention spans are cut extremely short. The last stanza of each record is equipped with a variety of transitions from scratch breaks, echo effects, or an instrumental preview of the forthcoming record. Uncontrollable head nods became sharp rubbernecking, realizing that once my mind settled on a song the project takes an immediate, yet smooth left turn into a new one. For example, when “Hypnotized” by Jeff Bernat played, I needed to repeat the record and needed to find its original version on YouTube.

Soul Amazing (Part Sevenis simply a gem in today’s music. It’s very rare we get a rapper who integrates hip hop’s roots in DJing, let alone an artist who doesn’t mind sharing his spotlight on records he’s featured on. Blu’s able to not only promote the himself in regards to who’s he’s worked with in one sitting, but he’s also displaying his limitless capabilities as an emcee going hard on records like “Make the World Go” to a jazzy vibe like “The Connection”.

Blu and Exile will be on their 10 Year Anniversary West Coast Tour starting at the Observatory North Park in San Diego on August 30th. For more information on tour dates visit Dirty Science’s website.

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