Eric Bellinger’s “Black Beatles” buzzes with his E-Mix

The Mannequin Challenge is nearly at a halt, but Eric Bellinger is still making moves. With the momentum Rae Sremmurd built over this past month from their standout single “Black Beatles,” the R&B sensation advantageously E-Mixed the track with fresh vocals and a smooth beat.

Story | Jasmine Sabagquit

Earlier this month, he gave The Lunch Table a teaser of the “Black Beatles” cover when we visited him at his music studio in Los Angeles.

For the video, EB sits up top a peak of the Hollywood Hills, along a beautiful skyline, and shows off his smooth, silky vocals and perfect vibrato, as he proclaims on the track, “This is gonna be your favorite song all over again!”

He wraps up the song with his own personal touch:

“It’s E! Cuz I’m your favorite! You know I’m the man! Can’t nobody do it better. Can’t nobody get you wetter. Who else got their shit together. Like me. Who got the voice and the swag like me? Who work a pen and a pad like me? I’ll wait.”

Very nice, EB!

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