Frank Ocean is ‘Biking’ to our Hearts with Jay-Z & Tyler, the Creator

It’s truly an amazing time for Frank Ocean fans. Coming off of his four year hiatus with Blonde, Frank continues to put out a steady stream of music including ‘Chanel’ and ‘Slide’ — his collaboration with Calvin Harris and Migos. Friday night Frank premiered his latest single ‘Biking’ featuring Jay-Z and Tyler, the Creator on Blonde radio.

Story | Adam Douglas

Image | Tumblr

‘Biking’ keeps a mellow tone for the duration of the track over an acoustic guitar and light piano melody. Like the wheel of a bike, “what goes around comes around” tends to be the recurring theme of the song as he has two well recognized collaborators make their return.

Jay-Z kicks off the track with a rolling bike reference that has listeners reminiscing on his ‘No Church in the Wild’ days:

“12 o’clock, boy, silly nice, huh
Willie in traffic, I’m Philly nice, uh
E.T. on the handles, uh
Handlebars like a Xanax
Shamgod with the and one moves”

Tyler returns on the third verse dropping his knowledge of biking culture. With the addition of Tyler’s verse, ‘Biking’ induces more nostalgia within fans who remember Tyler’s ode to his bike in ‘Slater,’ which also featured Frank:

“One wheel, one wheel, one wheel, nigga
One wheel, I fishtail downhill, yeah
I rose my rate, brand new brakes
Why I name it Slater? Ask my date”

With Frank keeping a consistent output of sporadic music, it seems likely that this will become a regular thing for him in 2017.

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