Big Lenbo Trolls Everybody on the Streets in “Stupid” Music Video

If this isn’t the biggest troll video ever created, then please prove me wrong. Immediately after releasing the animated visual to “Dimensions“, Big Lenbo immediately follows up with a video to “Stupid” — a hip hop head’s most notable single from his debut albumĀ Strange Days.

Big Lenbo and friends filmed several bystanders dancing to, what seems to be another song that’s not “Stupid“. However, the filmmaker decided to underlay the gray-scaled video with Lenny’s track. What happens is that you’re left with offbeat dance moves and criticisms that don’t make too much sense, which is a recipe for instant confusion later replaced with comedic moments.

Watch the video to “Stupid” above and check out our interview with Big Lenbo regarding his opusĀ Strange Days.

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