Big Lenbo Evolves As A Rapper, Performer & Person in Only Four Months

Big Lenbo was first exposed to mainstream hip hop from his feature on “Young Jesus” from Logic’s sophomore album The Incredible True Story. Since then he’s landed another feature with his best friend on Everybody, released his debut project Strange Days, and embarked on the worldwide Everybody’s Tour as an opener for Logic and Joey Bada$$. During our interview released in July, Lenny explained, “the biggest experience I stand to gain is stage performance”. After seeing countless performances during his lifetime, he wanted to avoid being “fuckin’ boring” during his set. Four months later Elysium releases a music video for the Strange Days single “Protect Your Neck (Remix)”, which captures Big Lenbo achieving the goal he set for himself over summer.

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With an opening like a mini-documentary, the video for “Protect Your Neck (Remix)” shows Lenny mastering the art of crowd control. He influenced sold-out crowds to move their feet, raise their hands to the beat, and sing along to his lyrics as if he’d been performing his entire lifetime. Standing next to the master of crowd control himself (Logic), it’s no question how Lenny was able to pick up techniques so quickly and easily.

The record features Demrick, Jay Lonzo, Blaque Keyz, and Just Juice who were unquestionably invited to perform their verse on certain tour dates.

Also fully emanate on his love for fans, Big Lenbo also features a hashtag #myphonediedselfie in which he posts a selfie of him and his fans on his social media accounts. Additionally, he’s reposted photos of his fans rocking his merchandise to show his appreciation.

After four months of rehearsing, re-rehearsing, and performing, Team Elysium supplied the right prescription for the microphone fiend. Big Lenbo’s evolution as an emcee and a performer prove that it takes consistency to achieve any goal you set out for. Though this is Lenny’s second time on tour, he’s performed as a guest and an opener, which means that he’s possibly ready to headline his own. It would be interesting to see a Strange Days tour that features the entire lineup from “Protect Your Neck (Remix)”, or even a Team Elysium tour with Jessica Andrea, Damian L. Hudson, and John Lindahl. Thoughts?

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