Big Lenbo Enters The Twilight Zone in Animated “Dimensions” Video

In between binging Netflix Originals I try to keep myself up to date with older shows and movies to see the evolution of film. I stumbled upon
The Twilight Zone, and immediately thought that it was the 60s version of Black Mirror. Coincidentally, today (June 4) Big Lenbo drops his visual to “Dimensions“, a record that samples the Rod Serling television series.

It’s eerie, horrific, and you can follow along extremely easily; “Dimensions” follows an animated version of Lenny and his companion/alter ego the Goatman, on a runaway journey from the police that include random twists, turns, and horrific figures in film history.

Between Norman Bates and Freddy Kruger to say the least, the Nigel Ng-produced video visualizes every single word from the song, taking you on a trippy trip through the mysterious mind of Big Lenbo.

Check out the video to “Dimensions” above, and listen to Big Lenbo’s album Strange Days and our interview with the “Ice Cold” rapper here.

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