Big Lenbo Drops A “Brand New” Musical Gift with Michael Christmas

Big Lenbo is a pure emcee at heart and there’s no denying that. He doesn’t come with anything brand new or so outrageous, but he entices nostalgia for 80s and 90s hip hop fans and will continually attack with bars on bars on bars. To me that’s hip hop at its core, and can that can never be overshadowed by contemporary hip hop. With that said, Lenny wrapped an early Christmas gift for us into a 4-minute song.

Starting with an animated visual to¬†“Dimensions” and a black-and-white comedic video to “Stupid“, both of which are singles from Lenny’s debut album¬†Strange Days, Team Elysium continues Big Lenbo Week by gifting us with “Brand New“. This new record features Boston-emcee Michael Christmas, who goes in on the final verse of the song.

Essentially this record proves that Mumble Rap and trap artists can be in the spotlight of mainstream music, however, the essence of hip hop will continue to survive and Big Lenbo and Michael Christmas serve as the warriors to combat its extinction.

Fans have already speculated that this new tune may mark the beginning of a new mixtape from the Rattpack rapper. Hey, I wouldn’t be mad. We need more Lenny in our lives. Check out “Brand New” below:

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