How Beyonce Headlining Coachella Marks Sociocultural Progression

Beyonce clearly does not need too much time to recoup after finishing her Formation World Tour, as she’ll be making history by headlining both Saturday nights of Coachella. Although we’re expecting bangers from Lemonade and nostalgia from past hits, it’s not the most important part of her performance.

Story | Shealene Sakacs

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Beyonce will be the first solo female artist to headline the festival in the last decade and the first black woman ever to headline a California Music and Arts Festival.

She breaks the streak over male stage domination on Coachella’s stage, which marks the forefront of feminism in 2017. The number of females dominating over Coachella’s stage continues to grow over time but still manages to stay at a low percentage – 17 percent of total acts are women according to the Huffington Post.

Beyonce Coachella

The Huffington Post also states:

“Last year, Coachella’s lineup included 168 male artists and just 60 female artists ― a figure that includes both all-female and mixed-gender acts. This year, there are 108 all-male acts and 40 all-female and mixed-gender acts. The number of acts overall is lower than last year, most likely because this initial lineup doesn’t take into account edits that are usually made as the festival date nears.”

This ‘trend’ of female domination on big stages is one of many. These ‘trends’ allow people to gain consciousness of particular concepts, and eventually just becomes “normal”. We need more women who are empowered to stand up and do what they love without feeling apologetic about it.

Although the number of female artists have increased over the years it still remains much smaller than it should be. Here’s hoping that Beyonce’s influence will increase the number of female acts and prove that anything a man can do a woman can do just as good.

Ladies, now it’s time to get in formation.

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