“Better Serve” by Jay2AintShit | Women with the Serena Williams Serve

“I am not intrigued by the regulars.” That line alone describes the artists who are able to make a connection despite their georaphical distances. In this particular case, it’s Jay2AintShit’s message that sums up the women he engages with in “Better Serve”.

Story | Nico Blitz

“Better Serve” is a metaphor of Serena Williams’ tennis game to women; the idea that Jay2AintShit looks toward the potential a woman has in a relationship rather than the quick offering of sex.

Described as a club scene, Young Jay decides to swerve this girl who throws herself at him. However, the Chicago rapper sees beyond the deception that fast women entail and looks for something beyond basic; probably someone who can have a decent conversation.

“That girl just give me her tongue/She be like ‘so what I’m sprung’/I’m at the function geeking, baby I’m about to catch me a jug/I still don’t, I still don’t/I don’t mess ’round with no basics”

Though “Better Serve” is primarily served with an R&B instrumental with rap lyrics, a choppy sample of the actual track is introduced toward the end to prove Jay2AintShit sticks to his Hip Hop roots.

The chopped version of his own song gives off the idea that despite how much Jay yearns for a woman with decent conversation, he may find himself at the receiving end of Garbine Muguruza’s (tennis athlete who defeated Serena Williams at the 2016 French Open) serve; meaning he may slip up in conversation when talking to a woman who can catch him totally off guard.

At the end of the day, Jay’s message is simple: just as Hip Hop artists who decide to go for a quick buzz as opposed to longevity, many women of this generation go for a promiscuous livelihood and stray away from long term relationships. It doesn’t last.

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