The Multiple Meanings of “Bag” Explained By Kelechi & Phay

When you think of the word ‘bag’ what’s the first definition that comes to mind? For this day and age, it’s probably an alternative meaning for money. What many seem to overlook, however, are the other ‘bags’ that come with getting the bag. Let Kelechi explain.

Bag” is the second single from Kelechi’s second 2018 project Spring Breakup. Following the more mellow, heart-touching single “Too Much featuring Hannah Lashay, this new record defines bag and it’s many meanings. The bag, which is essentially short for a bag of money, can also be defined as the bags underneath your eyes from endless nights of hard work, physical bags for accessories, and verbal bagging from haters that naturally comes with success. Each bag is a product of one another, and Kelechi’s isn’t the only one who recognizes that.

Phay taps in on the second verse only to further solidify what late night baggy eyes in the studio can create. The last time the two paired on a record was on Kelechi’s Woke Up To Winter (2018) record “The Itis“, explaining an urge for oral sexual engagement with women.

Spring Breakup has no set release date, but it looks like Kelechi is continuing the process of dropping the opus’ singles one at a time (as he did with Woke Up to Winter), only to reveal the complete project as time passes. Listen to “Bag” below:

Side note, can we get Phaylechi yet?

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