Number One Question for Millennials: “What’s the Wifi?” | BAD GRAMMAR

Tanglewood Season 1 is among us. Titus Gilner is ready to go full force into Summer 2018 with BAD GRAMMAR. The group begs the number one question that all millennials have in mind whenever we go to a new place: “What’s the Wifi?

This is the second single from BAD GRAMMAR under Tanglewood Records, which depicts how our lives would be without service. You remember when we didn’t have internet access 24/7? We would forcefully speak to one another and be creative with our time.

To me, “What’s the Wifi?” questions society’s interpersonal communication. We’re prone to look at our phones and stay updated with (irrelevant) news that doesn’t progress our livelihood. We’d rather suffice our FOMO than ourselves.

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Anyways, below you’ll find the audio to “What’s the Wifi?“, and a visual example to what we would do if we weren’t connected to Wifi.

BAD GRAMMAR also released another single “Headright” that you should listen to. It’s pretty awesome.

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