When You Fantasize About Her: Watch “In The Morning” by Austin Sexton

Sex sells, and that’s a well-known fact. We hear it in music and we see it in music videos. So when an artist is able to produce sexually-driven content, and somehow counteract what’s expected when we hear their music or watch these videos, it provides insight of their willingness to break boundaries and test the waters. For instance, in music videos we expect the artist to lip-sync their lyrics, install a whole bunch of unnecessary extras (money, cars, human bodies), and the sexualization of women. Austin Sexton, however, is able to make a similar music video to his sexually-driven track “In The Morning“, but is able to break the boundaries of the norm.

The standout single from his debut album GOODSEX features Broken Complex rapper Demrick, where the two create a perfect unity of hip hop and R&B to whoo the woman they’re pursuing. Directed by C. Austin Cantu, the visual to “In The Morning” catches Sexton eyeing Demrick’s lady, only to reveal a twist at the end.

Music videos can tell a lot about an artist. Though Austin is known for producing records based on his relationship experiences, “In The Morning” bridges his gap between underground and mainstream, though he’s able to materialize that bridge in his own way. The record isn’t linked to today’s popular R&B sound, and the music video clearly has more thought put into it as he’s not relying on ass-shaking to make his way into mainstream America. Although there’s nothing wrong if someone wants to shake something for the camera, it’s refreshing to see an artist approach their visuals in an unpopular matter, proving that his thought process and effort is much different than what’s expected.

Check out our interview with Austin Sexton, as he explains his life as a busker, and his debut album GOODSEX.

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