ASHA taps Kelechi on 2017 Version of ‘Say My Name’

‘Say My Name’ most likely takes you back to the Destiny’s Child 1999 hit, a double Grammy award-winning record that narrates the situation between two lovers; one being a cheater. We’ve also seen a remix to the classic on Drake and James Fauntleroy’s ‘Girls Love Beyonce’ (2014), and the verbiage used in an infamous drug deal scene in Breaking Bad (2012). It’s 2017 when the phrase gets flipped once more and focuses on the sexual drive between two lovers, exemplified in this new track by ASHA and Kelechi.

Story | Nico Blitz

Photo | Art Junt

Starting off with a soothing piano melody, ‘Say My Name’ quickly escalates to a rhythmic R&B song with claps and a bumping kick, following ASHA‘s sensual voice mixed in with suitable high and low pitch alterations:

“Boy I’mma have to hear one thing/ To keepĀ this shit wet you gonna have to say my name/ Show some respect/ Say my name baby/ Tell me just what you like, I need that thing baby”

ASHA’s record really caught my attention because of all its various elements: the instrumental relates both to new age hip-hop heads and 2000s R&B lovers, she actually knows how to sing so the use of vocal alterations isn’t a compensation for a lack thereof, and Kelechi is perfect for the track because of the presence he makes on sexually-driven music (i.e. ‘Play With My Hair‘).

The songstress looks like she’s on run, coming off her 2-month old track ‘Hold On To Me‘ and her 2016 EPĀ Silver. Stay tuned for more on ASHA.

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