Angry Blackmen Are On Their “Bullshit!” and It Doesn’t Disappoint

Angry Blackmen are here with their first single since their internet-streaming debut in 2017. Keeping with what’s becoming their signature theme, “Bullshit!” hits hard. 

The song’s producer, Wengio is also credited for producing “Riot!” for the Chicago duo. His style of grabbing intros and hype beats fits perfectly with the conscious yet wild boys, so it’s no wonder that they’ve teamed up yet again. 

The track which sits at 2 minutes and 44 seconds has two verses dueling with a micro, “told my momma i’ma rap until I win me a Grammy” and a macro, “riding through the ville until I got caught by the 5-0 / asked me do you know just why we stopped you / hell do I know” view. Showing that depending on who you ask, like a mom who just wants the best for their child, or a police officer who may hold stereotypes tight–we all can be up to bullshit.

Listen to Angry Blackmen’s new bop below;

Photo courtesy | Marcus J


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