Artist Spotlight: The “EMPTY” American Boyfriend Kevin Abstract

From rap group collective AliveSinceForever to now teenage All-American boy band Brockhampton, Ian Simpson aka Kevin Abstract releases the music video for “EMPTY” off of his sophomore album American Boyfriend.

Story | Matthew Gonzalez

The album has been undergoing name changes since his 2014 release MTV1987. American Boyfriend was first titled Death of a Supermodel, to later They Shoot Horses.

Directed by Abstract, “EMPTY” is set in Van Nuys, beginning with a helmet-wearing Kevin Abstract receiving a blowjob by a male. The music video that showcases the perspective of being gay in highschool.

The next scene is a girl putting on makeup in the mirror and visiting the local high school football player, but soon walks into the two having oral sex. In turn, the football player commits suicide. The football player represents the social anxiety that is derived from high school peer pressure and male masculinity.

The Corpus Christi, Texas artist has been undergoing unusual artistry over the years from shaving his eyebrows to creating the visual to “Save”, which shows him suffocating himself.

To having a music video for “Drugs” inside of a grocery store.

And the overall using the first person of a computer user concept that is similar to the short film NOAH that was aired in Canada.

Kevin has had live streams on that lasted 24 hours of him using his laptop to talk to strangers on Omegle, checking his Facebook, stalking his ex-lovers, looking up the amateur section of Pornhub, streaming Django on Netflix, and skyping/tweeting/texting his friends to exemplify his embrace toward millennial culture. He even tweeted via live stream that he hopes to be the next iCarly.

He shares the rags to riches story with leaving home with nothing in his backpack except a Macbook and a couple of dollars, to later touring across the states and booking shows with little to no money for funds. Recently, Kevin Abstract is projected to open for Tyler the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw 2016.

His new trend is wearing a helmet in every artistry he produces. This arrived from his persona Kevin Abstract and “being a sell out”. Abstract later changed his Twitter handle to “helmet boy”.

Before the music video to “EMPTY” he tweets a prequel to the music video, and explains that the song is about his perspective from feeling the need to hide his sexuality throughout high school toward his peers and family.

“EMPTY” off Kevin’s album American Boyfriend is scheduled to release on Spotify this Friday.

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