Sonder Adds a Daughter, Amber Olivier

London based singer-songwriter, Amber Olivier debuted her self-titled first EP on April 19, 2018. The six-track project travels through heartbreak and living “like a diary” as she’s explained it, engulfing listeners into the experiences that have shaped Olivier to who she is today.

The album as a whole represents the underground R&B scene that has seemed to stay behind the industry curtain, failing to breakaway from the mainstream. It’s a great first official project, but this replicated 90s style that artists like Aaliyah, Sade and Lauryn Hill once dominated, isn’t selling records, let alone hitting the airwaves unfortunately.  

However, production came from a not-so-underground group of individuals who could help push Amber Olivier to a larger career. Brent Faiyaz and Masego are among the team. Faiyaz, apart of the group Sonder and known for his feature on Goldlink’s “Crew”, was introduced to the London artist and has acted as a mentor for Olivier.

I randomly was in L.A. one day and someone showed me Brent Faiyaz’s music when nobody knew who he was. I was like, ‘I have to work with this guy.’ I don’t know why it inspired me to start singing again, but then I just hit him up and he said he actually wanted to write with me, so I was super excited.” (The 405)

Amber Olivier is a direct result of two artists believing in the same end result of just making a great record. I’m curious where this partnership will take her, especially as she jumped on Faiyaz’s tour before having any released music. Proceeding with caution though, such a close relationship can be overly influential in the studio, and as an artist producing, the actual artist (Olivier) could be overpowered in their desired sound.

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