Alyssa Marie Presents ‘Shut Up, Listen’ to Hip-Hop on Her Birthday

Just last week Kendrick Lamar told all rappers “Y’all got till April the 7th to get y’all shit together,” and since then it’s been pretty quite around the hip-hop community. It’s a difficult time for anyone to come out with new music when Kendrick’s warning is powerful enough to deplete hip-hop of its mumble rappers and whack emcees. Though she’s not either one, Alyssa Marie seemed to take that warning to heart and proved why she belongs in hip-hop in her latest single ‘Shut Up, Listen.’

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As her first single post-Louder Than Words and as a birthday present to herself and fans, ‘Shut Up, Listen’ is a track comprised of Alyssa’s meanest bars that shed light on what hip-hop has become: a business that promotes a luxurious lifestyle, showcased by rappers who lack socially conscious content.

Today’s faces of hip-hop is comprised of one-hit wonder mumble rappers. You’ll get the occasional lyricist here and there, but even their buzz isn’t as highly marketed. Therefore, we’re fed with the idea that what mumble rappers promote (i.e. financial security, sex, luxury) will come easy for the average human being.

One misconception that Millennials in particular needs to understand is that, anything easy is not worth the time. For example, when it comes to mumble rap, you’re drawn by the repetition of the easily memorizable lyrics. In my opinion, it’s lyrics that are poisonous to the brain. Don’t get me wrong, when I’m at a club I’ll enjoy the intensity of the beat, but you’ll never catch me listening to mumble rap when I’m alone.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Alyssa knows the difficulty that comes with not only making it as a rapper, but making it for any dream job.

“Maybe I’m not rockin’ the stadium yet/ Or makin’ a check significant enough and shakin’ this debt/ But bet you hear the name and respect/ Alyssa Marie ain’t living the dream, but she’s a waken effect”

That’s one set of bars amongst others in ‘Shut Up, Listen’ that unravels the harsh reality of trying to obtain any dream job. It takes practice, patience, and negative income to make it happen.

Hopefully, ‘Shut Up, Listen’ marks the beginning of a new album or EP from the Brockton native. In the mean time, really shut up and listen to the music being pushed on the mainstream. You may not be a fan any longer.

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