Alyssa Marie Pushes Through Hip Hop’s Ranks on “Pardon Me”

When one of your favorite rappers presents an unprecedented song, it’s like Christmas came early. It’s been 9 months since Alyssa Marie dropped new music, but on “Pardon Me” she proves that she’s still got more than enough bars to go one on one with any rapper you have in mind.

Naturally after her hiatus, “Pardon Me” serves as her reentry record into the game, proving she can easily surpass through your average Soundcloud rappers and those who can go bar for bar. She distinguishes herself from the average rapper and defines her work ethic and patience. Alyssa starts off the verse with “Tell em the cage is open, but freedom aint free and the gates are closing”, meaning she’s now willing to go full force in hip hop because of the over-saturation of artists; and there’s simply no room for everyone.

Kato, producer for Joyner Lucas, Wu-Tang Clan and Dizzy Wright, lays a beat reminiscent of Rich the Kid’s “New Freezer“. Why does this matter? If an artist can murder a beat — especially a beat that’s most favorable for clout chasing rappers — it less of the beat and more of the lyricists who can supply the shock factoring moments of a song.

“Seeing it all unfold is so underrated — I didn’t wanna say it / But I’m so done biting my tongue, they’re gonna face it, they’re never gonna touch the throne from the basement / What you’re calling greatness I see as basic…let’s agree to disagree guess we see it differently I’ll make a legacy you’re seeking infamy”

But here’s what we learn from “Pardon Me“; you won’t ever achieve your goals by being stagnant (and in this case being quiet). The next time you’re willing to let someone take your position, use this song as a kick in the ass. Become a goal-getter because just as Alyssa is needed in hip hop, you’re needed in what you believe you can do.

Anyways let’s get that album, Alyssa.

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