Louder Than Words | Alyssa Marie’s Visions Turned Into Reality

We’re familiar with the phrase “actions speak louder than words” — an idiom describing one’s responsibility to uphold the standard they set for themselves. It’s clear rap artists do not fully endorse what they preach, making it difficult for society to believe that whatever that’s said is true. However, Alyssa Marie proves her legitimacy as a rap artist through storytelling about a blueprinted chapter in her life via a 7-track album.

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Louder Than Words by Alyssa Marie tells the Boston born, Los Angeles based prodigy’s current livelihood filled with demolition, limitations, social awareness, positivity, and love. The DopeBoyz produced album starts off with “Whoop Ass Season” — Alyssa’s thought process on the game and her plans to first demolish it, then rebuild it.

Mnemonic on J. Cole’s “Fire Squad”, Alyssa Marie opens up her argument of following her rap career based on her plan to remodel the game with a 90s Hip Hop vibe, mixed with contemporary sounds and outstanding lyricism and storytelling.

“Said I’m done giving out passes/Level the site with dynamite, and when it crashes build a better one from his ashes” – “Whoop Ass Season” by Alyssa Marie

However, she realizes even her abilities have limitations, but only those she sets upon herself.

Alyssa Marie exceeds her limitations with “Sky is the Limit” — a story implying her progression in her ever-growing rap career, which she moved to Los Angeles. She places her ‘limitations’ right after a song filled with hardcore conscious rap, which is introduced by a singing side to her repertoire of flows, proving she’s able to exceed the expectations of a conscious rap artist.

In turn, “Whoop Ass Season” and “Sky is the Limit” become the foundation for the entire album — a well constructed conscious rap LP that touches the hearts for Hip Hop junkies and romantic lovers, while also speaking out to those who struggle with personal enlightenment, addiction and self-motivation.

“The world told you I’m poison/They’re poison, I’m the remedy to fix their mistakes/Only got a bad rep cus they wanna keep it trap, then I’m the one to give you an escape” – “Escape” by Alyssa Marie

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The biggest issue Louder Than Words is trying to convey is Hip Hop’s power to influence an entire generation. Reason being it’s labeled as an issue is because mainstream Hip Hop strays away from social awareness, political statements, and personal stories unfolded like it once did. Rather, it focuses on dispensable, expected topics like monetary wishes, fashion, drugs, or sex.

So what exactly separates Alyssa Marie from the rest of Hip Hop? An album that exemplifies her ability to spit about social issues while simultaneously giving life advice hidden in unorthodox flows and superb lyricism.

Look at the LP like this: It’s a story of a young female artist who’s main purpose is to destroy the game only to bring it back (“Whoop Ass Season”). Although she’s aware of her limitations (“Sky is the Limit”) in a genre oversaturated with listeners who fiend for the same sound, she urges you to think twice about what you feed your brain (“Think About That”) and delve into what she brings to the table. What Alyssa offers — though the song is dedicated to her boyfriend — is her genuine love for the game (“One Take”), exemplifying that it doesn’t need more than one take to spit from the heart — something modern day rap artists lack in their projects. In turn, her love for the game opens the doors for a way out from mainstream facades (“Escape”) and encourages not only herself to believe in her aspirations [“(Don’t) Quit”], but also needs you, her fans to maintain that same belief alongside her (“Cold Water”).

7 tracks was more than enough for Boston’s finest MC. Be on the lookout for an exclusive video feature with Alyssa Marie on The Lunch Table.

Louder Than Words is available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

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